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EWLY-NAMED MINISTRY LEADER CHRIS DIGIACOMO will be launching one of Capitol Ministries latest discipleship ministries in early 2017 to Legislators and Constitutional Officers in the Massachusetts Capitol in Boston. Capitol Ministries' mission dove- tails perfectly with the outreach goals of Lifeline Baptist Church in near- by Haverhill, Mass., a church Chris re-started with 15 members seven years ago and where he serves as senior pastor. e 100-member Lifeline Baptist Church has outreach ministries to nursing homes, prisoners, and a newly- established one to young people at a local g ym for those who are physically but not spiritually fit. Chris is currently training others to take a greater role in those ministries so that he may commit the time necessary to begin a ministry to Lawmakers. "I want to reach all people but I want to make a concerted effort to reach leaders," Chris said. "You reach political leaders for Christ, you will have the greater propensity to better propagate the Gospel; you will have policies over the course of time that are more sympathetic to Christianity. You lead a political leader to the Lord he will influence a lot more people than an individual pastor ever could." One reason he wanted to partner with Capitol Ministries is because we stay out of politics. "I don't believe lobbying legislators for Christian policy is effective," he said. "You have got to reach the hearts of the individuals and then let them vote and make policy in accordance with the dictates and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. I so agree with Capitol Ministries' philosophy that we are going to minister to you and teach you the Word of God as opposed to telling you how you ought to vote." To find a Legislative sponsor for his discipleship Bible study ministry, Chris is working with the leaders of a local Christian organization who have offered to introduce him to several Christian Lawmakers who want to become involved. After the ministry becomes estab- lished, Chris' goal is to learn where the Lawmakers are spiritually and strengthen and encourage them with the Word. "ey are the ones who are going to be bringing in new people," Chris said. "en I will begin to build a relationship with the new people and hopefully it will lead to the lost getting saved, then we repeat that process. "I have very realistic expectations that I will be meeting with one or two people for some time before we see some fruit, but I know if God puts me there I know the fruit will come. I have always said, Lord I will go wherever you put me." N State Ministries | CM 20th 27 Massachusetts Massachuse s State Capitol capital: Boston population: 6,833,720 governor: Charlie Baker legislature: 200 Chris DiGiacomo Ministry Leader Gardens at Christopher Columbus Waterfront.

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