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F LEGISLATORS AND POLICY MAKERS ARE TAUGHT BIBLICAL PRECEPTS and principles, and if their hearts are won for Christ, the Holy Spirit will lead them into Truth and they will think biblically as they chart the trajectory of their nations. It is for this reason that Capitol Ministries takes the Gospel to those in authority on foreign shores. Like many faith-based organizations, Capitol Ministries seeks to fulfill the Great Commission, we just go about it differently. Rather than focus on a nation's general population, as important as that is, our methodology is to reach a country's most influential people for Christ, its Legislators and policy makers. is is not because their souls are more precious, but it is because their influence is great and can be felt throughout society. us far we have planted 24 ministries in foreign countries on four continents. To achieve our international goals, we have divided the world into 10 global affinity spheres. We have found qualified, godly men whom we have named as directors for five of them, and we are working to locate men with the unique qualifications necessary to fill the remaining five positions. Each Capitol Ministries Global Af- finity Director is tasked with expanding the ministry in his sphere of the world. One of his roles is to find qualified Min- istry Leader candidates to who will be trained during annual Capitol Ministries Training Conferences that are held in na- tions around the globe as needed. With our international ministries well established during our first 20 years, in the coming years ahead, it is our prayerful objective to plant and develop 200 ministries in 200 foreign federal Capitols around the globe. We plant these international minis- tries as if the future of the world depends upon them, because it does. Featured on the following pages are highlights of some of our international ministries. International Ministries I 32 CM 20th | International Abundant food is in the fallow ground of the poor, "W hen we consider a new country to broadcast Chris an television, we look to the poli cal center of a na on because that is the place of influence. As we consider addi onal strategic ways to help fulfill the Great Commission, CBN has been drawn to the vision of Capitol Ministries to make disciples of Jesus Christ of the poli cal leaders of the world by teaching them the Word of God in weekly Bible studies through discipleship ministries. CBN is blessed to collaborate with Capitol Ministries in this crucial and essen al mission that can, with God's leading, transform the world." Gordon Robertson Chief Execu ve Officer Chris an Broadcas ng Network

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