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Local Ministry | CM 20th 43 " I totally support CivicReach®. My wife was on City Council and she thought it was important to start the mee ngs in prayer and our own City Council voted that down. These are men and women of apparent good will, even prac cing Chris ans, who say we can't do that. There is a great misunderstanding as to how Chris an principles relate to our government. So, an aggressive, ac ve, robust Bible study at every single level of governance is exactly what can turn things around. We believe so strongly that the way forward is with the Way of Jesus Christ." Tom Price, M.D. U.S. Representa ve Georgia 6th Congressional District House Budget Commi ee Chair Gerald Chris an & Gail Grace Nordskog Publishers Nordskog Publishing, Inc. Ventura, California N HIS FORTHCOMING book, Oaks In Office: Bib- lical Essays For Political Lead- ers, Ralph Drollinger provides 52 biblical essays on crucial policy issues as viewed through the Bi- ble, as well as pastoral guidance on how Public Servants can persevere through trials for a successful career in office. "I ere is a great need to teach and disciple up-and-coming political leaders on the Bible's instructions concerning issues they face in office that have long-lasting and far- reaching consequences for society. From the hundreds of Bible studies Ralph has written to Public Servants over the last 20 years, these are 52 of his finest. Nordskog Publishing is honored to partner with Capitol Ministries in this strategic ministry."

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