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46 CM 20th | Technology APITOL MINISTRIES IS COMMITTED TO EMPLOYING the most cutting-edge communica- tions technolog y possible, because technolog y shapes our world. Rather than invest in bricks and mortar and hire the staff necessary to sustain a massive central location, Capitol Ministries follows the example of the oak tree when considering how to invest time, resources, and energ y. e mighty oak spends 10 percent of its energ y on external growth, expanding its trunk outward and pushing its boughs toward the sky. It reserves most of its strength to build a strong infrastructure that can sustain the long sweeping branches that it will push dozens of feet outward and parallel to the ground. Like the oak tree, Capitol Ministries is committed to a strong infrastructure, and we accomplish that, in part, through technolog y. Our website,, is our hub, the nucleus of our ministry, the central and most important conduit through which information is disseminated to Ministry Leaders, Public Servants, and supporters across the globe. From anywhere in the world and with an electronic device, our Ministry Leaders can access our website where they will find Bible studies offered in English and foreign languages. ey will find ministry updates which tell the stories of Capitol Ministries, our full statement of faith, historic and inspiring quotes from U.S. founding fathers, C A PROMINENT PRESENCE ON Facebook is one of the many ways Capitol Ministries keeps in touch with our donors, supporters, and prayer partners. We also use Facebook as a way to introduce ourselves to those who do not know us. Through daily and o en twice daily posts, we offer Bible verses, stories about Legislators to whom we minister, video news stories that feature Capitol Ministries, and the Bible study that is being taught to U.S. Senators and Representa ves in Washington, D.C. that week, among other per nent topics. As Facebook is interac ve, follow- ers keep in touch with us by com- men ng on the posts, or offering opinions on issues that are important to them. Through content sharing, our stories are re-posted on the fol- lower's homepage and our circle is enlarged as their friends and family also become acquainted with the messages and the ministry of Capitol Ministries. We are an established organiza on on Facebook and more than 22,000 viewers have posted that they 'like' Capitol Ministries. Capitol Ministries on Facebook Technology

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