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Tablets & Capsules January 2017 19 4. Unit 8, chapter 27: The physical properties of matter. CPO Science Foundations of Physics. Online: Accessed December 12, 2016. 5. Bhargava A.K. and Sharma C.P. (Eds.) Mechanical behaviour and testing of materials. 2011. PHI Learning, Delhi. 6. Lesson 14 course notes: Mechanical properties of materials. University of Texas-Arlington. Online: Accessed December 12, 2016. 7. Kozlov P.V. et al. The structure and properties of solid gelatin and the principles of their modification. Polymer 24(6) 1983, 651-666. 8. Diez F. Hard capsules protect drugs from radiation. EPM, blog post, October 2015. Accessed December 12, 2016. 9. Son, Y. et al. Refractive index as a surrogate non- destructive measure of capsule brittleness. Respiratory Drug Delivery, vol. 2, 2014, 493-496. Jnanadeva Bhat is general manager of product development, Hans Christian Moxter is general manager of business development, and Fernando Diez is scientific business development manager at ACG Worldwide. The company's US affiliate is ACG North America, 229 Durham Avenue, South Plainfield, NJ 07080. Tel. 908 757 3425. Website: echnical Services Director/CEO Te ousey Michael T Tousey "The best training I've - Nik Steinert had in twenty years." equipment." proactive on actual and put them to take lessons learned "Great to be able to Zoetis im Kingsley, - T Tim Kingsley, Modular. Scalable. Future-proof. Xtend TM Dissolution Line Ready for tomorrow. Today. Respond flexibly to changing workloads and simplify method transfer from R&D to QC with the new Xtend TM Dissolution Line. Standardized modules such as dissolution bath, pump, filter station, and sample manager can be flexibly combined or extended anytime – from manual to semi- and fully automated systems.

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