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20 January 2017 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus capsule filling Gelatin RXL gelatin for two-piece capsules and softgels reduces amount of crosslinking to improve dissolution and extend shelf-life, even at high temperatures and humidity. Suitable for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, gelatin contains no non- gelatin additives, which can speed QbD- based product development because it reduces possibility that new capsule prod- ucts will fail stability testing. Gelatin can also reduce need for Tier 2 dissolution testing and allows you to formulate softgel fills with pH as high as 8.5. It is available from bovine or porcine sources. Com- pany also offers product development and reformulation support, process advice, and regulatory guidance. Gelita, Sergeant Bluff, IA. Tel. 712 943 5516 Capsule filler Practica dosator-type capsule filler performs single-product dosing of powders, gran- ules, and pellets. High-accuracy machine operates at low, medium, or high speed and produces as many as 100,000 capsules per hour. Pellets are dosed with vacuum assistance; air jet removes excess pellets, enabling you to fill micro-tablets and deli- cate coated pellets. After capsules are filled, closed, and discharged, compressed air and suction clean upper and lower bushings. In addition to standard rotary bowl, company offers vacuum bowl that pre-compacts fine powders. Optional statistical checkweighing unit combines with self-adjusting dosing head to ensure weight accuracy. IMA North America, Leominster, MA. Tel. 978 537 8534 Capsule filling services CDMO supports solid dosage products from early-stage formulation through com- mercialization. Company fills pharmaceutical or dietary supplement powders into capsule sizes 000 through 5. It also offers over-encapsulation for manufacturing clin- ical trial materials. Company operates four sites in Montreal, which also offer variety of commercial manufacturing, packaging, and serialization options. Ropack Pharma Solutions, Montréal, PQ, Canada. Tel. 514 353 7000 Enteric capsule Vcaps Enteric capsule provides inherent enteric protection, delaying release without using functional coating. With no need to prepare, apply, or validate coatings, capsule simplifies formulation, development, scaleup, and validation. It also reduces develop- ment time by 6 months through Phase I and by more than 12 months through Phase III when formulating with acid-sensitive or gastric-irritating compounds. Capsule deliv- ers many API types and complies with relevant EP, JP, and USP monographs. Capsugel, Morristown, NJ. Tel. 862 242 1700

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