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24 January 2017 Tablets & Capsules Powder, capsule conveyor Low-rate vacuum conveyor delivers pharmaceutical powders to capsule fill- ing machines, tablet presses, or pack- aging machines. Unit conveys up to 1,200 to 1,500 pounds of material per hour. It can also transfer empty capsules without damaging or separating them. GMP-compliant conveyor meets FDA and USDA standards. Vac-U-Max, Belleville, NJ. Tel. 973 759 4600 Capsule filler K90i intermittent-motion capsule filler produces as many as 90,000 capsules per hour. Geneva drives and tamping system handle sticky and abrasive products at high speed and ensure consistent weights. All spare parts and tooling are interchangeable with Bosch GKF 1500 parts and tooling. Made in USA, machine includes internal vacuum pump to separate capsules, complete tooling set, and 1-year warranty. Index Encapsulation Equipment, Warrington, PA. Tel. 267 387 3000 Capsule formulation and filling CDMO specializes in clinical and commercial manufacture of solid dosage forms, and produces more than 80 percent of pharmaceutical softgels worldwide. HPMC and gelatin softgels size 00 to 5 accept powders or pellets in single, double, and triple fills for instant, sustained, enteric, and controlled release. Options for clinical trial materials include over-encapsulation of tablets, capsules, pellets, and combination fills; multi- product over-encapsulation; and high-speed active and placebo capsule manufacturing. Catalent, Somerset, NJ. Tel. 877 587 1835 Capsule polisher KCP15 capsule polisher gently conveys capsules upward while spiral nylon brush polishes and dedusts them. Unit operates quietly (less than 68 decibels), minimizes housing vibration, and polishes 250,000 to 300,000 capsules per hour. It stands 800, 1,000, 1,600, or 2,000 millimeters and handles capsule sizes 00 to 4. Com- pact machine saves space on production floor, and tool-free changeover speeds cleaning. Options include metal detector, empty capsule sorter, and diverter that attach to polisher's outlet. Kraemer US, Allendale, NJ. Tel. 201 962 8200

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