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Tablets & Capsules January 2017 25 Softgel manufacturer Full-service softgel manufacturer specializes in encapsulation of dietary supplements, including branded products and turnkey custom formulations for high-volume and small jobs. It focuses on high-value supplements and difficult-to-encapsulate, difficult- to-absorb, and fragile ingredients. Company offers proprietary technologies to maximize bioavailability. It is GMP-certified (includ- ing GMP for Sport) by NSF and NPA; it is also certified halal. Soft Gel Technologies, Commerce, CA. Tel. 323 726 0700 Multi-dose capsule filler Planeta 200 continuous-motion capsule filler produces as many as 200,000 cap- sules per hour. Modular configuration accommodates several dosing units simultaneously, enabling it to fill one cap- sule with different products. "No capsule, no dose" operation reduces waste and cleaning time. Capsule filler is scalable and allows you to upgrade to higher speed, to statistical weight control, and to more advanced MultiNett system that allows in-process net-weight checks of each capsule and—in the case of combi- nation fills—each dosed product. Options include isolators geared to con- tainment level your process requires and automatic wet-in-place and clean-in- place systems. MG America, Fairfield, NJ. Tel. 973 808 8185 Capsule fillers Capsule fillers dose powders, pellets, tablets, neat APIs, liquids, and combi- nation fills. GKF Capsylon series han- dles delicate, sticky, abrasive, or fibrous nutraceutical fills, as well as powders, pellets, and granules. Hi-ProTect cap- sule filler provides full containment and wash-in-place system. Capsule fillers come equipped with online or stand- alone checkweighers that use gross or net gravimetrical weighing; they can also include capacitive measurement system and x-ray that detects variations in capsule weight and length, foreign particulates, and deformations. Com- pany also offers tablet presses, coaters, processor, fluid-bed, and high-shear mixers. Bosch Packaging Technology, Minneapolis, MN. Tel. 763 424 4700 Capsule band sealer Proseal automatic band sealer handles as many as 70,000 liquid-filled capsules per hour. Unit seals gelatin and HPMC capsules containing liquids of various viscosities, producing tamper-proof capsules and extending shelf-life. Three-drum system precisely loads, ori- ents, and rectifies capsules. Automatic viscosity control includes heated hoses and separate heating pads for two gelatin tubs. Independent speed control of sealing rollers ensures uniform seal. Centrifugal blower located at top of drying chamber and suction pump located at bottom dry capsules quickly and improve airflow. Filled capsules fit snuggly into carrier link for careful han- dling and accurate placement during drying process. ACG North America, South Plainfield, NJ. Tel. 908 757 3425

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