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Tablets & Capsules January 2017 31 FINDING G THE RIGHT p a Q 90,000 filters and replacement parts including: e filters and parts—no matter t Make Donaldson your first call for replacement filters Q tridge fil filters Car Bag filt eated bag Ple PIECE REPLACEM FINDING acement parts including: ac e stock over the collector. W ollector replacement filters first call for replacement filters Q OF CAKE Q Panel filters KE ENT FILTER IS A cages, rotary valves, G THE RIGHT (hardware, motors, ts Par E E s, A ou Q der y o or w t Call no your order is out the d minutes. Plus, our Rea determine the size and style you need within Live, expert service sp Q Pl filters Pleated bag filter packs ® PowerCore ts ers and part eplacement filt r r door within 24 hours. ady 2 Ship program means d style you need within pecialists can help you fans, and more) ductwork, controls, cages, rotary valves, . s 0.365.1331 80 Fluid-bed processor GPCG 10 fluid-bed processor uses top, bottom, or tangential spray and variety of inserts to dry, granulate, coat, and pel- letize. Drying and granulation insert with top spray agglom- erates particles to improve flowability, content uniformity, and compressibility; combination also applies lipid, taste- masking, and enteric coatings. Wurster HS insert with bot- tom spray coats granules with aqueous or organic controlled- release or enteric coatings; it also layers active ingredients, even on particles smaller than 50 microns. Rotary insert with tangential spray produces pellets and micropellets directly or by powder layering. Rotary insert's tangential spray also film- coats particles. Options include HP nozzle that sprays from below fluid bed and 12-bar resistance to pressure shocks. All components install and remove easily for quick cleaning. Typical batch sizes are 2 to 25 kilograms. Glatt, Ramsey, NJ. Tel. 201 825 8700

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