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vey also found that 85 percent of US adults have overall confidence in the safety, quality, and effectiveness of dietary supplements. In other news, CRN launched its Supplement Online Wellness Library to the public in January. There is no charge for companies to access Tier 1 of the library, which includes a copy of the product label and other infor- mation. UL, the safety science com- pany that developed the product reg- istry, and CRN plan to create a Tier 2 library that will include a unique prod- uct identifier for each product. Pregnant women may benefit from individualized vitamin D doses WASHINGTON, DC—Indivi- dualizing doses of vitamin D may be more effective in protecting pregnant women from vitamin D deficiency, according to an article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. It describes the results of a study that placed 829 women at 14 weeks' gesta- tion into randomized groups to receive either a 1,000 IU daily dose of a vitamin D3 supplement or a placebo. Researchers measured participants' vit- amin D levels prior to the study and again at 34 weeks' gestation. The study found that women who deliv- ered in the summer, who gained less weight during pregnancy, and who had higher vitamin D levels early in their pregnancy tended to have higher levels of vitamin D in their blood than their counterparts. Women who con- sistently took the supplement also had higher levels of vitamin D than partici- pants who did not. Study questions value of cranberry capsules to prevent UTIs CHICAGO IL—Taking cranberry (proanthocyanidin) capsules may not prevent or treat urinary tract infections (UTIs), according to the results of a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study placed 185 women nursing home resi- dents into a randomized group to take either two 35-milligram cranberry cap- sules or a daily placebo. Researchers found that ingesting cranberry capsules resulted in no significant difference to the presence of bacteriuria plus pyuria (a symptom of a UTI) over 1 year when compared to the placebo group. Tablets & Capsules January 2017 32E Find past articles at Click on Article Archive. Need info? New subscriber?

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