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32F January 2017 Tablets & Capsules Tablet press C series tablet presses include single-sided C-100 and C-200 presses and double- sided C-300 press (photo). All include high-speed, interchangeable turrets, three- paddle feeder, automatic weight control, and pre- and main compression stations that handle difficult-to-compress formulations. Optional feeder handles MUPS dosage forms. C-300 unit produces as many as 758,400 tablets per hour and accepts D, B, BB, and BBS tooling. Company also offers tablet presses for R&D batches. CMC Machinery, Princeton, NJ. Tel. 609 720 9800 Tablet presses Compacta II and Compacta Nova tablet presses are well-suited for R&D and pilot- scale production. Presses include interchangeable turrets that accommodate 21 B, 17 D, and 16 B-D combination tooling sets, producing as many as 151,200 tablets per hour using 9 tons of force at pre- and main compression. Director Pro software, standard on Nova press, provides compaction and scalability profiles for develop- ment, as well as automatic weight control and rejection; it also minimizes user error and maximizes product yield. SMI, Lebanon, NJ. Tel. 908 534 1500 Tablet press NP-500 tablet press produces as many as 300,000 tablets per hour using 45 stations and is ideal for tabletting products that require extended dwell times and high com- pression forces. Its tooling features 160 percent larger head flat and 100 percent greater fill cam depth than standard B tooling. Additional features include automatic weight control, user-friendly touchscreen, and auto-lubricated punch guides. Natoli, St. Charles, MO. Tel. 636 926 8900 nutra tabletting Tablet training Online training series covers 10 unit operations used to make tablets. Training ori- ents new employees and provides common knowledge base for entire manufactur- ing team. Company also offers seminars on formulation, resolving defects, improv- ing operator skills, and management. Expertise includes risk assessment and identifying and defining critical steps to solve recurring problems and/or improve product performance. Techceuticals, Cleveland, OH. Tel. 216 658 8038

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