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Tablet tooling Company operates in-house manufacturing facility and offers new, refurbished, and custom tablet tooling, as well as cleaning instruments, die lock screws, dust and grease cups, polishing services, and storage boxes and cabinets. Its custom multi-tip tools increase tablet production without increasing number of machines, shifts, setups, or runs. Company offers engineering expertise and troubleshooting and applies coatings and heat treatments to tooling on-site without extending lead times. Wilson Tool, White Bear Lake, MN. Tel. 651 286 6000 Dwell-prolonging punch I Holland's XDF punch has elliptical head that increases dwell time by as much as 50 percent compared to standard punch heads. Punch works with standard cams and fits any tablet press without need for modification—such as increasing punch size—and may enable you to avoid capital outlay for additional tablet press. Size B punch with elliptical head provides more dwell time than conventional D punch, and head shape enables you to run press faster when handling difficult formulations. It also improves tablet compaction and cohesion. IPR, Bartlett, IL. Tel. 630 823 4700 Compression tooling Compression tooling for nutraceutical and confectionery industries fits rotary and single-station tablet presses. Products include multi-tip tools for making tablets in millimeter range and replacement turrets. Punches and dies are made of high-quality steel and/or ceramic and come with inspection reports. Designs undergo dynamic force analysis to ensure efficient tablet production. Experienced customer service team conducts pre-order analysis to prevent problems. Company also supplies sin- gle-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, and tablet-in-tablet presses, including Hata tablet presses and Eliza-Press economical tablet presses. Elizabeth, McKeesport, PA. Tel. 412 751 3000 Contract tabletting Company manufactures tablets, capsules, and powders. Tabletting equipment includes ACG Legacy 6100 tablet press (photo) capable of producing 400,000 tablets per hour. Company's high-volume, water-based continuous coating system can coat tablets with enteric and delayed-release coatings. Custom coatings are also available. Other services include sourcing ingredients, developing and enhancing formulations, fulfilling surges in demand, providing quality assurance, and customiz- ing packages. Vit-Best Nutrition, Tustin, CA. Tel. 714 832 9700 Tablets & Capsules January 2017 32G

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