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values of the tablets ranged from 1.04 to 1.2 across all process conditions. Figure 4 lists the shininess (gloss) values. For the same color, a shift in shininess can be attributed to slight dif- ferences in surface roughness, which causes light to reflect at different angles. However, all tablets appeared visually to have similar shininess. The increase in disintegration time between the uncoated cores and coated tablets was insignificant: It went from 110 seconds to 112 seconds. Conclusion The novel combination of the ready-to-use coating system based on a modified pea-starch polymer with a high solids content and a low tablet bed temperature offers a practical solu- tion to film-coat tablets containing heat-sensitive APIs. Furthermore, the coatings were uniform and had no visi- ble defects. The process used standard equipment and the coating solvent was water only. T&C References 1. Barkley A, Levine S, Signorino C. The evolution and evaluation of tablet coatings. Tablets & Capsules. 2006; 4(3):10-17. 2. Porter SC, Felton LA. Techniques to assess film coatings and evaluate film-coated products. Drug Dev Ind Pharm. 2010; 36(2):128-42. 3. ReadiLycoat from Roquette, Geneva, IL. 4. Film-forming starchy composi- tion. US patent 8652513 B2, 2014. 5. Composition amylacee fil- mogène. French patent 2862654 B1, (2006). 6. LDCS from Freund-Vector, Marion, IA. 7. Online color difference calculator: 8. Instrumentation and sensors for the food industry 2nd ed. Erika Kress- Rogers and Christopher J. B. Brimelow (Eds.), Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, England, 2001, pp 45-46. Timothy J. Smith is senior process develop- ment scientist and Ryan Crawford is asso- ciate process development scientist and at Fre- und-Vector, 675 44th Street. Marion, IA 52302. E-mail: ryan.crawford@freund- Carmen Popescu. PhD, is senior project coordinator at Roquette America, 2211 Innovation Drive, Geneva, IL 60134. Tel. 630 463 9430. Website: www.roquet Grégory Le Bihan is customer technical service team leader, Sébastien Cro- quet is galenic development technician, Xavier Parissaux is global development market manager, and Philippe Lefèvre is global tech- nical application specialist at Roquette, 1 Rue de la Haute Loge, 62136 Lestrem, France. 44 January 2017 Tablets & Capsules • First generation acid resistant capsules • Upper GI tract release • pH sensitive polymer disintegrates at pH 5.5 or higher • Ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications • Low moisture content: ideal for moisture sensitive or hygroscopic formulations • Free of secondary gelling agents • FDA Drug Master File (866) 788-2888 Coated tablets with an acceptable appearance

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