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Tablets & Capsules January 2017 45 industry innovations Coating SheffCoat Glide coating makes large or irregularly shaped tablets easier to swallow. Unlike traditional film coatings and waxes that provide only visual gloss or color to tablets, HPMC-based film coating is co-processed with plasticizer that improves coating's slip properties. Immediate-release coating applies in one step. Kerry, Beloit, WI. Tel. 608 363 1200 Clean-label lubricant Nu-Mag excipient provides alternative to magnesium stearate and stearic acid. Free-flowing fine powder—made from rice extract, rice hulls, gum arabic, and sunflower oil—helps dietary supplements achieve clean-label status. Third-party testing of ejection force showed excipient used at 1 percent provided same level of tablet lubrication as stearic acid used at 0.5 percent. Excipient contains no GMOs or gluten and is certified organic and kosher. Ribus, St. Louis, MO. Tel. 314 727 4287

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