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46 January 2017 Tablets & Capsules 9_MVYWOHYTHOHUKSPUN The material matters in material handling Won't bend, dent or deflect under heavy loads Smooth surface is easily cleaned Easy integration with process equipment More economical than metal; more durable than plastic Reinforced composites bring a whole new level of pe rformance to the pharmaceutical industry. And the leading name in FRP is MFG. Call toll-free (800) 458-6050 or visit 4-..,3*(7;9(@ Laboratory ribbon blender PB laboratory ribbon blender produces 145 pounds of torque, has single- or double-walled 0.25-cubic-foot vessel, and lets you vary speed in forward and reverse. Options include sep- arate heating and cooling controls, liquid spray bar, high- speed choppers, and vacuum system. Acrylic cover allows you to observe blending and manually add ingredients. Other covers and customized blenders are available. Burrow Industries, Temperance, MI. Tel. 419 206 0112 Coated jaw for hardness testers Optional jaw for use with company's MultiTest 50, SmartTest 50, and AutoTest 4 hardness testers has diamond- like carbon coating that eases handling of moist and sticky tablets. Durable coating reduces residue buildup to improve accuracy of measurements, including tablet diameter, length, width, and hardness. Sotax, Westborough, MA. Tel. 508 417 1112

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