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Tablets & Capsules March 2017 45 A survey of what's available Electronic counter-filler Countec DMC- 120W electronic counter-filler uses 24 channels to fill 120 bottles with as many as 100 tablets or capsules per minute. It handles tablets 3 to 20 millimeters in diameter and as thick as 2.2 millimeters, as well as capsules sizes 00 to 5. Counter features twin filling nozzles, four check-weighing stations, and inspection vision system to detect and remove defective products. Company also offers DMC-120T with 24 channels and four filling funnels; DMC-60T counter with 12 channels and twin filling nozzles; and DMC-60S counter with 12 channels and single filling nozzle. Key International, Cranbury, NJ. Tel. 609 619 3686 counters & bottle fillers Electronic counters Mini Fighter and Mini Fighter +Plus electronic counters handle tablets, capsules, and softgels. Mini Fighter (photo) serves as tabletop valida- tion tool during quality assurance, simplifying and accelerating verification of count accuracy. Mini Fighter +Plus for small batch counting oper- ates as semi-automatic tabletop unit or as automatic indepen- dent component on packaging line; it integrates directly with company's monoblock packaging system. Features include electrical solenoid gating that is quicker and more precise than conventional pneumatic gating and eliminates mainte- nance. Both models use vibratory plates with four feeding channels; each channel is equipped with individual detection systems to count products in free fall. Other features include high-speed optical sensors—2,500 scans per second—dust compensation system, and universal filling nozzle. Capmatic, Montréal, PQ, Canada. Tel. 514 322 0062 Electronic counter-filler Sky Softgel SMC-527 SQ electronic counter-filler handles tablets, capsules, and softgels, including translucent softgels that can be difficult for sensors to detect. Its four counting heads use eight channels each to fill as many as 200 100- count bottles per minute. Servo-driven feed screw indexes four bottles at a time, conserving space and increasing throughput compared to typical quad counters that use mul- tiple lanes and gating. Other features include dust extraction at counting head, automatic bottle height adjustment, auto- matic vibrators, and recipe recall for as many as 100 products. Company also offers cappers, labelers, and other bottling line components. Thomas Packaging, Rolling Meadows, IL. Tel. 847 392 1652 Slat filler Model 48-10 servo-dri- ven slat filler fills as many as 150 100-count bottles per minute in single-lane configura- tion. Variable-speed top brush and vibrator ensure fill of 48 slats per product run. As bottles index, slats stop moving until new set of bottles is in place. Unit doesn't require blank or striker slats. Other stan- dard features include motorized height adjustment, inter- changeable slats, hopper level sensor, dual dust extraction points, static eliminator, bottle detection, and color touch- screen interface. Company also manufactures benchtop and multi-line electronic counter-fillers as well as complete pack- aging systems. All machines are built in USA. Modular Packaging Systems, Randolph, NJ. Tel. 973 970 9393

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