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s p r i n g 2 0 1 7 | 9 7 HUXTON freshsqueezed Vape Pens Vape pens have made it acceptable to smoke nicotine in public again (unfortu- nately, in my opinion at least), but pushing aside the annoyance of getting e-smoke blown in our faces, what makes vape pens really amazing is what it's done for the world of cannabis. Using a vape is healthier for you and your lungs; it's discreet, cost- effective and the flavors of the varietals come through very clearly. Vape pens are a recent discovery for me, and I was drawn to Huxton, which catego- rizes its products based on the effect or feeling you'll get: Rise, Hi-Fi and Zen. If you're not a cannabis connoisseur, sort- ing out sativa from indica can be difficult enough, and with a huge list of varietals available in the marketplace, it can be over- whelming for a new consumer to tell Blue Dream from Green Crack. Huxton instead has divided their cartridges by experiences: Rise, which is described as "…a live, bright and energetic experience"; Hi-Fi, "…a care- ful selection of our highest energy genet- ics"; and Zen, "designed specifically to help you detach from the stresses and worries of your day." It's a clever and stylish fix that brings cannabis into the everyday experi- ences of life. Valhalla Gummies Another Emerald Ex- change discovery, these delicious gummies look like a pack of gum, but each box features six 10mg doses of gummies, whose range of flavors include tangerine, tropical twist and sour water- melon and infused with popular strains like Sour Diesel or OG Kush. Like many of the products I saw, these are organic and gluten free. Fruit Slabs On a recent jaunt to the cannabis farmer's market Emerald Exchange (read more about it in our Winter 2017 issue), I was struck by how sleek and sophisticated packaging for cannabis products has become. Gone are the days of cellophane-wrapped cookies or brownies; now infused food products come in boxes and bags you'd find on the shelves of a high-end gourmet grocery store. One such product is the simply named Fruit Slabs. Reminiscent of the fruit leathers we consumed in middle school, these are vegan, organic and made with non-GMO fruit and no added sugar. Com- ing in two flavors—OG Mango and Mango Maui Wowee with coconut and coconut flakes—the fruit slabs are infused with 100mg of THC extract. It's a big dosage in a small (smart-looking) package, so start off slow and enjoy an infused treat that's also healthy. r r s ■cr

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