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Page 22 of 225 SCOTTSDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE 23 2019-2020 CATALOG & STUDENT HANDBOOK Campus Policies Campus Policies Bookstore Policies Check Writing 1. The check must be writ ten for the exac t amount of the purchase payable to the SCC Bookstore, and only in- state checks are accepted. 2. A current Arizona driver 's license must be presented with your bank 's imprinted personal check. 3. Your current street address and telephone number must be printed on the check. 4. When using a parent 's check , the account holder 's driver license number and expiration date must be writ ten across the top of check. 5. Returned checks are sent to FedChex for collec tion. 6. In addition, the Bookstore accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Card. Bookstore Refund Policy 1. All refunds must be accompanied by the original sales receipt. 2. New and used tex tbooks may be returned for full refund within seven ( 7 ) days from the star t of the fall and spring semesters. 3. Af ter the seven- day period, tex tbooks may be returned for a full refund within t wo (2) days of purchase. 4. Tex tbooks may be returned for the full refund seven ( 7 ) days from and including the of f icial star t of each summer session. 5. No refunds are allowed on new or used tex tbooks purchased within the last t wo (2) weeks of classes and the week of f inals during any semester or summer session. Buyback Policy Bookstore will not buy back books if: 1. Instruc tor has not authorized re-use of book or has not indicated it will be used nex t term. 2. Bookstore is overstocked. 3. Publisher has a new edition and prior edition has no value. 4. Book is too rag ged and in an unsalable condition. 5. Book has a limited nationwide demand. A campus ID is required for buyback. Buyback quotes are not given over the phone. Textbook Rentals 1. Rented tex tbooks are due the last day of f inals by closing time. 2. Damaged, lost, or stolen rentals will be conver ted to purchase. 3. You may write and highlight in rented tex tbooks to a reasonable degree. 4. Rented tex tbooks not checked-in or conver ted to a purchase by the due date are considered past due, and you will be automatically charged the non-return fee(s). Online Orders Pick-up orders placed online must be picked up within 21 days. Order conf irmation number is required. Bookstore Hours Monday through Thursday from 8:0 0 a.m. to 5:0 0 p.m.; Friday from 8:0 0 a.m. to 2:0 0 p.m. Summer hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:0 0 a.m. to 5:0 0 p.m.; closed on Friday. The bookstore has ex tended hours during the f irst week of classes and the week of f inal exams. The bookstore is closed when the college is closed. Tex tbooks can be rented and purchased online at: Bulletin Board Policy All materials posted on college bulletin boards and kiosks must be stamped for approval by the Center for Civic & Global Engagement (SC 185). Materials that have not been approved will be removed. College Police Policies The SCC Police Depar tment is a law enforcement agenc y that operates onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year. Police of f icers or civilian police personnel assigned to Scot tsdale Communit y College (SCC ) are available on campus ever y day to provide assistance or information, either in person or by phone. The SCC Police of f ice is located at the nor theast corner of the Librar y building in LIB - 450 and the phone number is (4 80) 423 - 6175. The MCCCD Central Dispatch Center phone number is (4 80) 78 4 - 090 0, and the emergenc y phone number is (4 80) 78 4 - 0911. CAMPUS POLICIES

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