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Kirby Medical Center and Foundation Annual Report 2015

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With Gratitude A er ser ving on The Foundation Board of Directors for the last six years, Scott Burnsmier and Rick Darnell both stepped down at the end of their second term. Their visionar y leadership and enthusiasm for advancing The Foundation's philanthropic effor ts made a tremendous impact on Kirby Medical Center, and their impact will be felt for generations to come. Making a Difference with the Greatest Need Fund 17 T H A N K Y O U T O O U R D O N O R S Left to right: Rick Darnell and Scott Burnsmier With Honors Recipients of the 2019 American Red Cross/Kirby Medical Center scholarships were Lily Brown and Cansas Buckalew. These 2019 Monticello High School graduates organized and promoted the blood drives held at the high school during the 2018-2019 academic year. The Kirby Foundation applauds their effor ts in raising awareness of the impor tance of giving blood. Steve Tenhouse, CEO of Kirby Medical Center, is shown with Lily and Cansas on Honors Night. One of the most power ful and immediate ways to help our patients and staff, gi s to this fund suppor t our most urgent needs. "Receiving a gi from the Greatest Need Fund was incredibly humbling and gratif ying for the Food and Nutrition Ser vices depar tment. It funded three new ovens, an energ y-efficient dishwasher, a stove and a grill top. These new appliances help us go above and beyond for our patients and customers. As the depar tment director and registered dietitian of KMC, a reputation of health is something I have personally strived for since the opening of the Apple a Day Café and the beginning of room ser vice. This gi from The Foundation, and knowing that Food and Nutrition Ser vices makes a positive impact in the communit y, was a solid reminder of our true purpose. I am so proud of what we have created over the years." Sara Wade Director of Food and Nutrition Services and Registered Dietician "Greatest Need Funds will provide Surgical Ser vices with a new LED/3D sensor technolog y operating room lighting system. This LED system improves the surgical experience for both the surgeon and patient – a win-win. We are grateful for the abilit y to integrate this new technology into our operating rooms." Ann Collins Director of Surgical Services

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