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24 September 2020 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus tableting Tablet presses Company manufactures a range of high-speed tablet presses and has more than 1,000 machines installed in North America and 10,000 worldwide. Company's C series tablet presses, which include the single-sided C-100 through the dou- ble-sided C-300 models, are suitable for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical pro- duction. Company also offers tablet press solutions at its New Jersey facility and demonstration center and focuses on reducing operating and production costs for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and over-the-counter product manufacturers. CMC Machinery, Princeton, NJ 609 720 9800 Tablet press F10i tablet press is dust-tight, digital-ready, and compresses up to 300,000 tablets per hour. Features include a versatile tablet discharge assembly, RFID technology for process reproducibility, and a proprietary SmartInterface system that provides real-time monitoring and remote access to critical process attributes via smart- phones, computers, and tablets. Plug-and-play interface allows easy integration of process equipment, with all components controlled from a single display that provides tactile feedback and includes a Workflow Wizard system for SOP imple- mentation. Options include containment guard for increased operator protection when compressing active substances. Tablet press is available with either seg- mented turrets, conventional die turrets, or both. Fette Compacting America, Rockaway, NJ 973 586 8722 Bilayer tablet press Prexima 800 bilayer tablet press produces as many as 1,044,000 tablets per hour. Machine's tableting zone is separate from its mechanical zone, reducing cleaning time and preventing cross-contamination. External doors provide full access to tableting zone while allowing the lower zone to stay enclosed unless maintenance is required. Four-column cast iron support structure provides stability during pre- and main compression, both of which can reach 100 kilonewtons. Press comes equipped with a XIMA control interface for improved operator efficiency. IMA North America, Leominster, MA 978 537 8534

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