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Tablets & Capsules September 2020 37 PharmSci 360 a preview Pharmaceutical science conference and trade show goes virtual Who? Pharmaceutical scientists from academia, industry, and government When? October 26-November 5 For more information AAPS 240 439 2922 annual-meeting PharmSci 360, the annual meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), has gone completely virtual in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual attendees can access the educational sessions, exhibition floor, and other content from October 26-November 5, and all posters, symposia, and career development recordings will be available to registered participants until December 31. This year's program includes more than 500 speakers, 300 educational sessions, and 1,500 scientific post- ers. The conference has been split into six tracks: Discovery and basic research, preclinical development, bioanalytics, clinical pharmacology, manufacturing and analytical charac- terization, and formulation and deliv- ery. Participants can choose to focus on one track or move across tracks for a multi-discipline experience. The virtual exhibition hall will host partner presentations, tech challenges, software labs, leadership and management sessions, and a pharmaceutical science job fair. The virtual platform will allow attend- ees to see exhibitors' latest products and services and network with more than 5,000 scientists from around the world. Educational sessions The following is a selection of ed- ucational sessions from the PharmSci 360 program. To view a complete list, please visit www.eventscribe. com/2020/PharmSci360/. Continuous Manufacturing to En- able Speed of Development and Commercialization. Ahmad Almaya, Eli Lilly. Dispersion Estimation in Cap- sule-based DPIs Using Dynamic In- halation Profile Simulations. Pre- sented by Benedict Benque, Graz University of Technology. DoE with Process Automation: New Approach to Quality by De- sign. Presented by Thomas Brinz, Syntegon. Excipient Variability and Applica- tion of USP <1059> : How Gen- eral Chapter <1059> Can Assist You in Selecting of Excipients for Pharmaceutical Use. Presented by Gregory Amidon, University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. FDA Perspective on PLGA Compo- sition and Physicochemical Testing Attributes Critical for Generic Drug Product Quality and Performance. Presented by Yan Wang, US FDA. Flow Properties, Morphology and Compression Characteristics of StarTab in Continuous-Processing. P r e s e n t e d M a n i s h G h i m i r e , Colorcon. Latest Developments in Excipi- ents that are Relevant to Formula- tion, Analytical and Manufacturing: Overview of Excipient GMPs and Supplier Qualification. Presented by Catherine Sheehan, USP. Material Sparing Approaches for Right First-time Fast Track Tablet Development. Presented by Slavom- ira Doktorovova, Hovione. Modeling Phase Separation Risk During Spray Drying from Mixed Solvents. Presented by Jonathan Cape, Lonza Pharma and Biotech. Pharmaceutical Continuous Manu- facturing (PCM): The Role of Com- pendial Standards to Ensure the Quality of Manufacturing and of the Product. Presented by Edmond Biba, USP. Physiologically Based Finite Time Models for Oral Drug Absorption. Presented by Pavlos Chrysafidis, University of Athens. Population PK/PD Modeling of IM and Oral Dexamethasone and Beta- methasone Effects on Six Biomark- ers in Indian Women. Presented by William Jusko, University at Buffalo. Prologue: Poor Solubility – Where Do We Stand 25 years After the "Rule of Five." Presented by Chris Moreton, FinnBrit, Consulting. Recent Progress in Oral Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals. Presented by Driton Vllasaliu, King's College London. Selective Laser Sintering 3D Print- ing Method for Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing. Presented by Ziyaur Rahman, Texas A&M University. Strategies to Formulate High Drug- load Amorphous Dispersions to Re- duce Pill-burden. Presented by An- ura Indulkar, AbbVie.

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