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TABLETS & CAPSULES Tablets & Capsules (ISSN 1549-9928 print; ISSN 1938-9159 online) is published by CSC Publishing, Inc, 1155 Northland Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55120. w w w . t a b l e t s c a p s u l e s . c o m January/February 2021 Volume 19 Number 1 Cover photo shows the canti- lever ramp laser marker sepa- rating bulk softgels for preci- sion laser marking. Versatile and affordable machine marks and inspects up to 200,000 tablets or capsules per hour with CO or UV lasers for iden- ti cation, counterfeit protec- tion, and brand recognition. Laser marker offers quick changeover between prod- ucts and provides continuous operation with minimal user interaction or downtime. Courtesy of Ackley Machine Corporation. For more information, call 856 234 3626 or visit CAPSULE FILLING Troubleshooting capsule lling operations 8 Pete DeLuca Capsule lling for research and development or small-scale production 12 Barry Fox Issue focus: Capsule lling 16 Tips for a successful encapsulation process 20 Matt Bundenthal Back page Cover 3 Steve Rode ALSO IN THIS ISSUE Granulation and drying: A survey of what's available 24 Using direct torque measurement to achieve precise endpoint determination in high-shear mixer granulation 26 Rahul Aware and Vasant Shetty Dedusters: A survey of what's available 32 Application of NIR spectroscopy for tablet manufacturing control 34 Federica Giatti, Caterina Funaro, Fabrizio Consoli, and Fabiano Ferrini Eye on Excipients 38 Pauline H. M. Janssen and Bastiaan H. J. Dickhoff DEPARTMENTS Markets 6 Industry news 6 Calendar 46 Supplier news 46 People news 47 Advertiser index 47 Mini case histories 48 Spotlight on nutraceuticals 32A (This section appears four times yearly in issues delivered to our nutraceutical readership.)

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