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8.375" x 11.125" Bleed Box (To avoid white lines around the ad, please extend imagery, background colors and/or background imagery to the edge of this box to allow bleed.) 8.125" x 10.875" Trim Box (The ad will get cut approximately along the four outside edges of this box.) 7.625" x 10.125" Minimum Live Area (To avoid important elements being cut off, no text, logos or essential elements outside this area please.) 7.125" x 9.875" Specified Live Area (This is the live area specified on but you may go into the magenta box.) Please keep text, logos and/or any other essential elements away from this area (except for background elements). This area is reserved for our reader service lines. Example: Go to for info about this advertiser 1-800-440-6470 1-800-440-6470

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