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Tablets & Capsules Advertisement January/February 2021 55 Kramer Product Review Kramer offers a wide range of machines to serve every part of the phar- maceutical, vitamin, and nutraceutical tablet and capsule market. Kramer has developed vast experience in dedusting, polishing and conveying. Our engineers are constantly pushing the envelope to find solutions to the most difficult projects. All equipment is made to the latest cGMP standards with product contact materials of 316L stainless steel. All Kramer dedusters and capsule pol- ishers have always been easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning without tools. The latest innovations can be found in our KCP series of capsule polishers which feature highly efficient capsule polishing with conveying heights of 800mm to 2000mm in a very small footprint. Built to cGMP standards they are fully disassembled without tools. KCP series capsule polishers can be integrated with metal detectors, as well as empty capsule elimi- nators, and diverters. Kraemer U.S. Allendale, NJ Tel. 201-962-8200 Fax 201-962-8197 Gelita Gelita USA Sioux City, IA Hard Capsules Plant-Based: Hype or Reality? In our modern world that's swirling with headlines about the benefits of all things plant-based and the rise of both vegan and vegetarian life- styles, conflicting information and/or exaggerated claims often leave con- sumers feeling confused or skeptical. Even so, vegetarianism is pretty much mainstream these days. In a 2019 survey conducted in the US, UK, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Germany, Mexico and China, for example, approximately 13% of participants stated that they'd adopted or followed a vegetarian diet during the previous year. Plus, in this same survey, 58% of consumers indicated a preference for plant-based options when choos- ing alternatives to meat and/or dairy. But how does this movement toward a plant-based diet translate to consumer preferences in the world of dietary supplements or medications? More specifically, how are delivery systems such as hard capsules for nutrients and prescription drugs meeting the demand of this seemingly prevailing trend? And, is the market really getting what it believes it is with capsules labeled as plant-based, vegetarian or vegan? Is all the noise just hype or in fact a new reality? A new eBook from GELITA is dedicated to this topic and starts with a comparison between gelatin hard capsules and HPMC alternatives; deal- ing with questions of naturalness, sustainability and health. But, there's more to come. Beyond consumer preferences, gelatin and HPMC cap- sules differ in many other aspects as well, which are important consider- ations for both manufacturers and brand owners. In a second part, GELITA will examine a number of other critical factors, such as dissolu- tion properties, manufacturing processes and costs to help you make informed choices. Download part one of the eBook to learn more about the perfor- mance characteristic of both gelatin and HPMC hard capsules.

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