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56 January/February 2021 Advertisement Tablets & Capsules MFG TRAY Customer: Manufacturer of nutraceutical, dietary supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) drug products. In 1994, the pharmaceutical company purchased soft gel drying trays and dollies from MFG Tray. In 2018, MFG Tray was con- tacted by the same pharmaceutical company for additional trays due to their expansion. Longevity: For over 25 years, the pharmaceu- tical company has been using MFG Tray model 642008 soft gel drying trays and dollies in their curing process. Due to their expanding business, they have reached out to MFG Tray for addi- tional trays to increase to the cur- rent line of trays used. Fiberglass reinforced composite material is long-lasting, durable, high-weight capacity and is much stronger than thermo plastics which is why the company has had their trays in production for 25+ years. MFG trays and containers are known to stand the test of time due to the composite material being impervious to cutting oils, detergents, mild acids and alka- line solutions and the ability to handle operating temperatures ranging from -60° to 250°F. Benefit Summary: • Designed for drying and curing of soft gels and capsules • Drop ends and/or sides for quicker drying • Conforms to FDA Regulation Title 21 CFR 177.2420 • Interlock stacking increases drying room efficiency • Temperature range continuous -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C) • Easy integration with process equipment • Won't bend, dent or deflect under heavy loads • Smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean • Heavy-duty dolly available Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co. 6175 Route 6 Linesville, Pa 16424 800 458 6050 Volkmann Volkmann, Inc., 609-265-0101 A complete solution for contained product transfer Volkmann manufactures a range of high quality, high performance vacuum -based Pneumatic Conveyors, Turn-key Powder Handling Systems, IBC Docking Stations, Sieving Systems, Mobile Lifters, Post Hoists, Bulk Bag and No-tip Unloaders, High Containment Rip and Tip Bag Dump Stations, High Containment Dust Collectors / Clean-up Vacuums, Delumpers and integrated custom handling solutions to provide the phar- maceutical industry with a complete, contained system to transport fine powders, chemicals, granules and tablets to and from processing. Volkmann Pharmaceutical Vacuum Conveyors (PPC) were developed to meet the industry's demanding requirements for top quality materials, surfaces and characteristics of all parts in contact with the conveyed materials. Standard to the series are "No-Tools" disassembly, easy clean- ing, all stainless steel contact parts, and designs conforming to cGMP standards with the additional benefit of ATEX certification for explosion- proof applications. Volkmann conveyors are driven by the patented Multijector ® multi-stage pump using a series of precision Venturi nozzles to increase both the generated airflow from a given air supply and to achieve a greater level of vacuum, making it possible to convey in lean, dense or plug flow conditions without segre- gation or damage. Conveying distances can range up to 260 ft. and heights up to 115 ft., with custom systems being built at times to accommodate higher distances. In most applications; however, the horizontal distances run to 150 ft. and heights extend to 65 ft. Densities are most frequently in a range between 6 to 150 lbs/ft 3 . Even nanoparticles have been successfully transported pneu- matically by vacuum.

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