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Standards | CM 20th 39 Standards " B efore being elected to the United States Congress, I served in the new mexico state capitol. I only wish there had been a stronger ministry there when i served. Today, as our nation faces mounting moral crises each day, i strongly believe in the importance of the ministry of capitol ministries which offers evangelism, discipleship, and in- depth bible studies for our leaders and decisionmakers. Capitol ministries' bible studies take current issues and examine them thoroughly from a biblical world view. This is essential for legislators. The bible is our society's moral underpinning and played a vital role in all our systems from economics, to government, business, and the courts. It is critical for legislators to approach legislation and policy with some type of consistent biblical yardstick." Steve Pearce U.S. Representa ve New Mexico 2nd Congressional District When a Capitol Ministries con ngent traveled to Belarus on a mission trip in 2015, U.S. Representa ve Steve Pearce met us there. By invita on, he presented an inspira onal speech before that na on's Parliament about the biblical influences on the U.S. Cons tu on and the founding of the United States of America. In so doing, U.S. Representa ve Pearce became the first American Congressman to address the Belarusian Parliament since the country gained independence from the Soviet Union.

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