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Winter 2019

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trend report T he plant-based groundswell has cemented itself into the way people eat—stretching beyond vegetarians and broadly appealing to consumers intrigued by its health benefits and concerned about how their food is sourced. Makers are creating new product categories and disrupting old ones with plant-based options. The movement will become situated in the larger context of sustainability, say the Trendspotters. Look for it to become intermingled with upcycled products as more companies turn to root-to-stem ingredients to combat food waste. We'll see more items like snacks made from rescued bananas or flours made with spent grains or pulp. In addition to continuing product rollouts in snacks, and as dairy- and protein-alternatives, plant- based foods' rise across the foodservice sector will be significant in 2019, says the panel. PLANT-BASED BLOSSOMS INTO A MOVEMENT M uch has been said about younger generations' unprecedented exposure to global culture and cuisine from a young age. These consumers are adventurous and seek experience in their travel and in their food, which has led to a shift in interest to the regional fare of less- explored areas. Flavors and indigenous African foods from all over the continent are gaining a following including fonio (West); Nitter kbeh (East); ras el hanout (North); and biltong (South). New regional South Asian cuisines are emerging and Ayurvedic products—primarily whole or minimally processed foods—are on the radar. Savory- sweet bites in the street-snack tradition of these countries will become more popular. Expect to see new menus and packaged foods touting the regional flavors and ingredients of Mexico and Central and South America, from heritage corn tortillas to the advent of mezcal as a spirit and an ingredient. PALATES SHIFT TO REGIONAL CUISINES OF AFRICA, SOUTH ASIA, AND LATIN AMERICA 36 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE speci altyfood.com

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