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YOUNG DISRUPTORS LOOK TO 2019 Compiled by Julie Gallagher Q: What trend do you anticipate will have the greatest impact on the specialty food world in 2019? "Traceability is the single trend transforming the way the food system works and the way consumers choose just about everything that they purchase. It is both producer- and consumer-facing and transcends categories. People are interested in knowing how their food was produced and what the social and environmental impact of a product is; in fact, they are beginning to demand this information. This trend has the power to dictate and disrupt global industries." —Nick Mendoza, founder and CEO, OneForNeptune "Single-use plastic is the new food waste. Consumers are aware more than ever before about how their food choices impact the environment, and in addition to eliminating food waste in their purchasing decisions, consumers will increasingly seek to avoid single-use plastic." —Ariel Pasternak, co-founder, Pineapple Collective "2019 is the year of soil. Say what? Regenerative agriculture and its farming and ranching principles better whole agrosystems, increase biodiversity, and improve soil health and watersheds to ultimately reverse carbon accumulation in the atmosphere. Many of the hardworking farmers and ranchers I have met want consumers to demand food products that play a major role in tackling the carbon footprint that industrialized food systems created. Regenerative agriculture is the secret weapon against the damages of factory farming practices that have vilified the whole industry in the battle against climate change. At the same time, as consumers we need to be careful not to let this trend be greenwashed. I look forward to witnessing the regenerative agriculture trend become common practice, similar to the consumer demands for organic and local produce. —Mohammad Modarres, founding director, Interfaith Ventures, founder, Abe's Meats "There's a mega trend—especially among younger people—around wellness, and the shift toward plant-based food is one of the key ways in which this trend manifests itself. This change is easily apparent in many cities these days: almond and oat milk have become available in most NYC coffee shops, hummus is turning into an American staple, the new breakfast sandwich is actually an avocado toast, and tahini-dressed falafel balls have become an incredibly popular lunch. This is particularly true for protein-rich food like nut-butters and tahini (made of sesame), which many view as a substitute for meat. The American consumer began embracing plant-based food as much more than a side dish, and we expect this trend to accelerate in 2019. —Goni Light and Yonatan Sela, co-founders, Seeds of Collaboration "I expect to see things like turmeric, lion's mane mushroom, ghee, kefir, seaweed, and the like end up on dishes at restaurants." —Kate Kavanaugh, founder and CEO, Western Daughters 50 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE specialtyfood.com

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