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Kirby Medical Center and Foundation Annual Report 2015

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In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Kirby Auxiliary member Bill Haworth decorated this pink tree for the entrance to the Women's Imaging Suite. CHEERS TO ONE OF OUR OW N Miriam Garrett, a member of our Therapy team, celebrated 10 years of being breast cancer free last August. We are so happy for Miriam and thankful for the continued success of Paint Piatt Pink. Together, we can provide suppor t, comfor t and care to those affected by breast cancer. Miriam Garrett 11 Kirby Offers Full-Ride Healthcare Scholarships In 2019, The Kirby Foundation and Kirby Medical Center established the Healthcare Scholarship Program, which gives high school seniors and students already enrolled in a healthcare field the abilit y to apply for a scholarship that would cover up to 100 percent of tuition, housing and books. As par t of the program, the scholar agrees to return to Kirby Medical Center a er graduation to work for an amount of time determined by the scholarship awarded. "This new scholarship is a great way for us to reward talented people for coming to Piatt Count y a er graduation," says Kirby Medical Center's CEO Steve Tenhouse. "We want to plan for our future by bringing highly qualified caregivers to the communit y to provide care locally and keep our communities strong." C O M M U N I T Y H E A LT H E V E N T S & O U T R E A C H Allerton Park :: Photo taken by Virginia Kickle

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