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Since our inception, Carmel Samurai Company has operated by referral only. All our work is custom….and personal. When a client is chosen, anywhere in the world, we send a First-Class airline ticket with an invitation to visit us here in Carmel. Accommodations are made for a suite at the world-renowned golf resort where my wife and I live. All "business" is conducted in our home. We choose a personal "theme" and custom select a master for their project. It can take 2 years to complete a sword. The Samurai Sword as Fine Art Carmel Samurai Company creates original masterpieces; swords of art & elegance by legendary Japanese Masters, current and past, for serious art collectors. We normally carry no stock; no "inventory," as such. Everything we do is custom; one-on-one with clients. Our latest masterpiece is now complete and available for exhibition at Anne Thull Fine Arts Studio, at 5th and San Carlos Street in downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea. The legendary Gassan Sadaharu, 20th century master, forged this blade in the mid-60's, but it was never mounted. It has been in a private collection for over half- a-century. We obtained the blade and began a worldwide search of private collectors and museums for the perfect antique fittings to complete the master's work. We then chose Japan's finest artisan team to create the rayskin scabbard and a solid silver blade-collar, to bring the sword to life. Each fit- ting i s a u n i q u e m i n i a t u r e w o r k o f a r t . T h e Fuchi/Kashira were created in 1681 by legendary master, Eichigo Munetoshi of the famous Nara school of samurai art. All of the antique fittings, like the blade itself, are registered with the NBTHK (Society for the Preservation of the Samurai Sword). This sword is one of the 8 Samurai series; the most exclusive art club in the world (see box, below). We have never advertised. We have no website. Publish no phone number. List no address. Share no email (except, of course, with clients). So, a personal exhibition is a "first" for us. We are honored to be exclusive Guest Artists at, what we consider to be, the finest art studio in a town known for its great galleries. The 8 Samurai The Most Exclusive Art Club in the World • 8 Master swordsmiths forge 8 blades for 8 select clients • Each sword mounted with antique samurai fittings • All registered with NBTHK (Society for the Preservation of the Samurai Sword ) • Each sword signed by both Master and owner • Each owner wears the gold ring forged with a piece of steel from the blade. Each ring bears the club's gold logo • Only 8 swords will ever be created In the 1,000 year history of the art of the Samurai sword, nothing remotely like this has ever been done. OK, I'm an old softie. But, I promised the grandkids if we ever did an ad, they'd be in it. Limited Exhibit through Dec 31 @ Anne Thull Fine Art Studio San Carlos & 5th Avenue Downtown Carmel Please accept our invitation to come see us at Anne Thull Fine Arts Studio/San Carlos Street & 5th. We will have on site throughout the exhibition some of our swords on loan from private collections. We also have books of photos from our previous creations. And, you can just drop in to talk Samurai. It is our pleasure and honor to meet you. domo arigato, A. Taum Dell'Armo Founder/Director Swords of Art & Elegance

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