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ally. She credits her pals—fur and no fur—with keeping her vivaciousness and happiness at a constant high. "My friends make me laugh," she says. "My four-leggers make me laugh…I laugh a lot—it's good for what ails you!" Those who've starred alongside Day in film and television recall that laughter, noting Day as an easy-going, elegant woman. "Working with Doris Day is one of the high- lights of my life and career," says one of her for- mer co-stars, actor Bernie Kopell. "It's miracu- lous that this golden-voiced, beautiful lady achieved the rare status of top 10 singer, then evolved into a top 10 motion picture superstar as well. No one in the world has risen to such breathtaking heights, starring opposite Clark Gable, Sinatra, Jimmy Cagney, Jimmy Stewar t, Rock Hudson, Jim Garner, even Cary Grant. I asked her how she did this. She said, 'I don't know—it was just fun."" Kopel also marveled at how Day's pets were a focal point, on and off set, before it was fash- ionable. "Her TV show set was always full of her pet doggies. Somehow, they knew not to bark or make noise during filming. She has dedicated 158 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • W I N T E R 2 0 1 8 D oris Day lovers and movie afi- cionados won't want to miss Day's 96th bir thday shindig. Events are sched- uled around Carmel from March 29-31. And, for the first time in 50 years, the actors who played Day's sons in the film "With Six You Get Eggroll" will reunite to honor their movie-mom. John Findlater, who played oldest son Flip McClure in the movie, recalls how Day made everything so easy on set. "I was a little apprehensive as I wasn't only working with Doris Day, but she was also my boss," Findlater recalls. "Doris made it so comfor table." Richard Steele agrees. He played the youngest son, Jason, and got to deliver the line, "There's a man in mommy's bed," which became the title of the film in some countries. "Doris has always been the consum- mate professional," Steele says. "Very inspiring as a parental figure." "Doris was always so nice and kind to me and my movie brothers that you never would have known she was a movie star and not just one of the cast," adds Jimmy Bracken, who played middle son Mitch. Bracken has also been heavily influenced by Day's work with ani- mals, getting his ver y first dog through The Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF). In fact, all events—from Doris Bingo to a brand new show honoring Day's music by award-winning singer Scott Dreier—will benefit animals through DDAF. "As a life-long animal lover, one of the greatest gifts is being of service to our beloved animals and their welfare," Dreier says. "I am so proud to help raise money for the incredible work being done by the DDAF. Nothing compares to the devotion, loyalty and unconditional love that our beautiful ani- mals bring to this world and to our lives. They deserve the same from us in return." Party-animals of the human breed are also guaranteed to have a great time. Co-star Jackie Joseph, who will also be on hand to meet fans, confirms it. "There are fans, and there are Doris Day fans," Joseph says. "A diverse group of people, from the Americas and beyond, gath- er in Carmel to celebrate the true love and bright light that Doris Day brought into their lives. The afterglow, for those of us that worked with her, is cozy indeed." All celebratory events benefit the Doris Day Animal Foundation. To get a taste of what's in store, log on to Doris's website or for tickets, please call 831/620-4755. Doris Day's Big Bash: Don't Miss Out The cast of "With Six You Get Eggroll" is a 1968 American romantic comedy film and stars Doris Day and Brian Keith. Photo: AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo Day remains one of the most prolific singers and biggest box office draws of all time.

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