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A s a young man, I had a paper route. While most y oung boys delivered their papers via bicycle, I did mine on a minibike. Not just any minibike, but an old, b right orange, loud, fast and annoying one. There was something very invigorating about riding around on a motorized bike while t hrowing papers to subscribers. One day, the police spotted me, and since my bike was not street legal, they tried to pull me over. Being a rebellious 10-year- old troublemaker, I decided to make a run for it. I took off across my elemen- tary school football field with not one, but two cop cars in pursuit. I knew that if I could make it to the classrooms and beyond, they would never catch me, as they could not fit between the poles. Sadly, I hit a huge puddle in the middle of the field, wiped out, and was apprehended. With my friends watching in awe, the police made sure to make an example of me. I was handcuffed and hauled off to Juvenile Hall on seven counts, including resisting arrest and evading a police officer. My parents both worked so I was released to the custody of a neigh- bor until my mom got home. I miss the feeling of riding a motorcycle; I understand the allure of it and am envious of those who ride. I loved long rides up the coast from Santa Cruz and miss those days very much. But I have not been on a bike since 1975, when a near head-on with a car on the wrong side of the road sent me and my Kawasaki 175 sailing 20 yards down a ravine. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting actor Keanu Reeves. He was at the McCall Motorworks Revival at the Monterey Jet Center in August, an event that was certain- ly one of the highlights of Car Week. Reeves was gracious and down to earth and took the time to talk to people and take pictures. As a fan of his many films over the years, it was a nice surprise to meet him and see his enthusiasm and passion for an incredibly unique custom motorcycle he and his partner in the Arch Motorcycle Company have created. With the innovative designer Gard Hollinger, Reeves has launched the KRGT-1 motorcycle. It is something truly special and the workmanship and custom parts show in every detail. On the Arch Motorcycle Company website, you can click and see what makes up this stunning piece of machinery and work of art. Reeves has been a long-time motorcycle enthusiast and this bike is truly a labor of love. Check out our exclusive interview with Reeves and Hollinger on page 118. Enjoy the holiday season! 42 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • H O L I D A Y 2 0 1 5 PUBLISHER'S NOTE S T E V E S N I D E R A m b s o m e t h i n g v e r y i n v i S There was something very invigorating about riding around on a motorized bike while throwing papers to subscribers. Two Wheels to Freedom NOVEMBER 2015 DECEMBER 2015 NEW EXPERIENCE! Thanksgiving Dining Specials Pebble Beach Resorts Holiday Catering Specials Pebble Beach Market (831) 625-8528 Stave Wine Cellar The Inn at Spanish Bay Gingerbread Wonderland & Christmas Carolers The Inn at Spanish Bay Christmas Day Brunch Stillwater Bar & Grill The Lodge at Pebble Beach New Year's Eve Extravaganza "Celebrations Around the World" The Inn at Spanish Bay The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Call (866) 993-6926 for more information Visit or call 831-644-7997 for more information Mix, mingle and celebrate! See our tasting room sparkle this season with fabulous events. Shop our library of rare bottles for the perfect holiday gift.

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