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~ T H E P E N I N S U L A S C E N E ~ 276 ' % 6 1 ) 0 1 % + % > - 2 ) 7 9 1 1 ) 6 * % 0 0 M Y Museum held its 12th Annual "MY ParTea" at the exclusive Tehama Golf Club in Carmel Valley. This annual event showcased PSGEPGLMPHVIR[IEVMRKYRMUYIJEWLMSRWJVSQ'LEWMRK*MVI¾MIW3]E7EPSRSRGIEKEMRHMHEREQE^MRKNSFSRLEMVERH&PYWL Makeup and Hair joined the event this year to assist with makeup. The event raised over $65,000 for the Children's Museum. MY Museum Annual My ParTEA Benefit Aly Cappo, Claire Deiprine, Sloine Nguyen Christy and Sara Pollacci, Lindsay Kissell, Kathy Sparolini Allyn Snider, Megan Lee Diana Soriano, Lydia Ortiz, Sarah Castro Gabrielle and Vivian Edwards Lauren Cohen, Craig Vershaw Stacey Profeta, Virginia Powell Lili Cabrera, Johnny Rodriguez, Amy Mayhew, Claire Rosenberg, Suzanne Nguyen, Matt Ortiz, Siandra Ruiz Natalie Powell, Killien Briggs, Lauren Emma and Zachary Vershaw Bettina and Srna McBee Linda Armour, Greg & Nancy Enterline Cyris and Sam Parker Thalia Hubbard, Sydney Lepai Scott & Anastasia Yi, Vera & Alex Khokholkova Photos by Kelli Uldall

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