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Spring 2020

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Dinesh Tadepalli, Planeteer Saving the Earth by the Spoonful Front Burner Foodservice Pitch Competition winner Dinesh Tadepalli is on a quest to save the planet from plastics, one edible spoon at a time. BY JULIE BESONEN PRODUCER PROFILE PHOTO LOOP SEVEN D inesh Tadepalli, 33, has a sweet tooth and eats a lot of ice cream. A few years ago, as he was spooning some into his mouth, it occurred to him that his ten minutes of pleasure left a carbon footprint that would last thousands of years. The plastic spoon he tossed in the trash would end up in a landfill somewhere or add to the garbage clogging the ocean. He had no wish to take away the convenience of a single-use spoon, so what if he could develop one that was edible? As it happens, Tadepalli wasn't the first person who thought of the concept. Some research turned up a man in India who had started manufacturing them several years before. Still, the idea didn't leave Tadepalli. He put it on a back burner, busy with his career as a hardware engineer in Silicon Valley. His wife, Sudheshna Vuppala, had just given birth to their first child, a son. The couple was on the same page about finding a mission to make the planet a better place for him. They thought it would somehow involve the food industry, but their personal finances weren't in a place where they could pursue anything too ambitious. SFA President Phil Kafarakis, Dinesh Tadepalli of Planeteer, and Diodato Ferraioli of La Doria S.p.A., celebrate Tadepalli's Front Burner win. SPECIALTY FOOD SPECIALTYFOOD.COM

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