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Spring 2020

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S hoppers are taking their prescriptions to the grocery store and stocking up on ingredient- driven functional beverages that offer hydration with added health benefits. Beverage solutions are lining retail shelves that fulfill myriad lifestyle needs beyond quenching thirst. Whether it's collagen for skin hydration, bone and joint health, CBD for relaxation, turmeric for inflammation and immune support, pro- and prebiotics for gut health, or adaptogens for mental vitality, the functional ready-to-drink beverage category is on fire. According to Research and Markets' Functional Beverage Market - Growth, Trends and Forecast (2019 - 2024), the functional beverage market is projected to reach $208.1 billion by 2024. It is forecasted to witness a CAGR of 8.6 percent during the same period. According to the Specialty Food Association's State of the Specialty Food Industry research, refrigerated juices and functional beverages grew 18 percent at retail between 2016 and 2018, and are predicted to grow another 9.6 percent by 2023. Functional beverages with a focus on prebiotics are also an emerging trend from the recent Winter Fancy Food Show, according to the SFA Trendspotter Panel. (See p. 51.) Convenience, the desire for clean ingredients, an inclination toward non-alcoholic beverages, and a desire to consume lower-sugar drinks over fruit juices and carbonated sodas, are just some of the reasons driving both sales and innovation in the functional beverages category as well as prompting consumers, from Gen-Zs to Boomers, to stores for a sip of grab-and-go wellness. According to a Mintel report titled Inspiration and Innovation in Functional Soft Drinks, 42 percent of consumers under the age of 34, and 22 percent over the age of 55, see the grocery store as a place to improve health. "Beverage companies boasting optimized mental performance, clarity, and focus are especially attention-grabbing for people with demanding jobs and stress," says registered dietitian Kylie Gearhart, NY Nutrition Group. While Gearhart cautions against products with overzealous benefit claims, which may or may not be backed by research, she says if someone tries a product and feels it was effective—and it's deemed safe for consumption by a medical team—then consuming it to help meet a dietary need is a win. Another driver pushing innovation in the functional beverage category is bio hacking. "Bio hacking is an exciting trend that is driving change in the [functional] food and beverage industry," says Bjorn Oste, founder of Good Idea Drinks, a naturally flavored, zero-calorie sparkling water with a blend of five amino acids and chromium, which is reported to balance blood sugar, curb sugar cravings, and make weight loss healthier. "A bio hacker's primary belief is that the responsibility and control of our health lie in our own hands," continues Oste. "And to achieve this, 58 SPECIALTY FOOD SPECIALTYFOOD.COM CATEGORY SPOTLIGHT Alo Drink Jen Collagen + Aloe Vera Infused Water, Blood Orange and Lemon

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