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they make daily small and incremental diet and lifestyle changes." Oste says foods and beverages with scientifically proven properties are at the core of this trend since they can help the bio-hackers achieve a desired state of wellbeing, to help balance their bodies and make them work better. "People want drinks that make meeting nutritional needs easier, just like certain vitamins. Or, they want drinks that give them complex or unique ingredients in a pleasant tasting drink experience. No one wants to pop a chunk of turmeric or kudzu root into their mouth and eat it," says Arthur Gallego, founder of Gallego & Co. Marketing Consultants, an LA-based boutique consulting firm specializing in marketing strategy, particularly for natural or better-for-you food and beverage. Interest in the idea of 'food as medicine' is growing. NPD Group finds that about a quarter of U.S. adults are trying to manage a health or medical condition by making healthy food and beverage choices, with younger adults ages 18-24 particularly interested in using foods to improve their health. Shoppers want their beverages to do more for them than they have in the past. Just hydrating or energizing isn't enough anymore," says Julie Terrazzino, senior beverage category manager, KeHE. Terrazzino, who categorizes functional beverages as energy drinks, sports beverages, and protein drinks, says consumers are just looking for more. The Ingredients Here are some happenings in the functional beverage space that may deliver a quick and beneficial boost to a health-seeking crowd. Adaptogens such as Ashwagandha, turmeric, holy basil, tulsi, maca, and an array of mushrooms including reishi, cordyceps, lion's mane, and shiitake, are sought-after herbal pharmaceuticals in RTD beverages. These are known for helping manage the everyday stressors in life and promoting a mind-body connection. "I see the industry in a growing stage of being formulation driven, with multiple natural ingredients and nutrients," says Gallego. Gallego notes the big trends the past few years have been plant protein, probiotics, and most recently prebiotics in the form of plant fiber. "For nearly 10 years it was about 'single' ingredient and 'super' ingredient," he continues. "But people today want more in regard to taste, and brands are realizing single-ingredient drinks have a growth ceiling." At Woodstock Farmers' Market in Vermont, Koia Keto Cookies 'N Cream SPRING 2020 59

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