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drinks with a combination of ginger, turmeric, or tulsi are appealing to customers, notes grocery team leader Amelia Rappaport, while at Barons Market in Southern Calif., plant-based functional protein is big. "Pop and Bottle RTD lattes enhanced with marine collagen and plant-based meal replacements like Koia are hot sellers, says Rachel Shemirani, senior vice president, Barons. Shemirani says she is noticing a shift away from heavy caffeinated energy drinks. "It used to be function meant quick energy. Now we are seeing more customers gravitating toward beverages for stress relief or sustained energy that does not make you jittery. Anything with turmeric, adaptogens, and MCT oil like Kitu Supercoffee that also has protein, is definitely of interest to our customers—especially Gen-Zs, gym- goers, and those that follow a Keto diet." Still Crazy for Kombucha The growth in popularity of probiotic fermented drinks over the past year shows no signs of stopping. According to BCC Research, the international fermented ingredients market could grow to be worth $28.4 billion this year (an annual growth of 3.4 percent). And, dominating that growth since 2016 is kombucha. Adroit Market Research predicts that the market for fermented tea with live active cultures will grow at 13 percent CAGR in North America and hit $3.5 billion by 2025. "The early days of kombucha were really not very good," says Mike Fogarty, owner, Denver, Co.- based Choice Market. "Now, brands in the category are more approachable, having perfected taste by marrying flavors with probiotics for products that are low in sugar and attract customers of all ages who want a healthy gut." Among Fogarty's 30 SKUs of kombucha, Rowdy Mermaid, Upstart Kombucha, and Tru Buch are popular. "Some kombucha brands are reshaping their images to evolve with soda, and evolution and innovation will be the deciding factors in which kombucha brands lead the category in this new decade," says Gallego. Subbing Out Soda As the functional beverage category continues to evolve, so do consumers' perception of what soda can be. "The idea of what a soda is, is changing dramatically," says Gallego. "The more familiar a functional beverage makes their proposition, New Functional Beverages Alo Drink Jen Collagen + Aloe Vera Infused Water, Blood Orange and Lemon. With 2500 mg of low molecular weight marine collagen peptides for superior absorption and only 60 calories per 12-ounce bottle, this infused water claims to help improve hydration and skin elasticity. alodrink.com Califia Farms Maca-'Nilla Almondmilk. This plant-based protein drink has the nutty taste of maca for a boost of energy and stamina. It has 8 grams of protein and is soy- and dairy-free. califiafarms.com Flying Embers Hard Kombucha, Pineapple Chili. Pineapple with a hint of ginger and a subtle refreshing chili finish this hard kombucha (6.8 percent ABV and 115 calories). It is handcrafted with a calming adaptogen root blend of ashwagandha, turmeric, ginger, and astragalus. Zero sugar, gluten-free. flyingembers.com Koia Keto Cookies 'N Cream. Low sugar and plant-powered, this functional drink is the latest flavor to join the Koia Keto product line. Koia Keto products are made with coconut milk, MCT oil, low net carbs, and zero added sugars to support a keto lifestyle; 12 grams of plant protein, 3 grams sugar, 5 net carbs, and 210 calories per bottle. drinkkoia.com LIFEAID CBD Balance. Functional and refreshing, this brand straddles the line between soda, energy drink, and nutritional supplement. CBD Balance is lightly carbonated and contains 20 mg of organic broad spectrum hemp extract from Ojai Energetics, lemon balm, rosemary, and agave. lifeaidbevco.com Olipop Strawberry Vanilla Sparkling Tonic. Not your average soda, this tonic features strawberry juice, fresh lemon, and pink rock salt as well as chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, Kudzu root, and cassava flour for probiotic digestive health and plant benefits. Only 3 grams of sugar and 9 grams of fiber per 12-ounce can. drinkolipop.com OTTO CBD Cider, Pear Rhubarb. Made from organic apples from the Pacific Northwest, this gluten-free sparkling cider has 30 mg of hemp-based CBD to promote relaxation. Alcohol- and THC-free. ottoscbdcider.com Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha Lion's Root. This small batch-brewed rooibos tea has a combination of Lion's Mane mushroom, known traditionally to support brain function, turmeric for a boost of antioxidant, and pineapple for tropical flavor. Organic and non-GMO, this kombucha in a can has 9 grams of sugar per 355-ml serving (one can). rowdymermaid.com Teaonic My Adrenal Mojo: Relax. This caffeine-free wellness drink is packed with plant extracts and herbs. It's a balancing and energizing combo of: ashwagandha with ancient adaptogenic properties to help the body better adapt to stress; tart cherry and ginger juice for overall immunity; anti-inflammatory hibiscus; balancing cinnamon; and antibacterial clove. Two grams of sugar per bottle. teaonic.com Xoca Cacao Fruit Soda. This company upcycles Ecuadorian cacao fruit (which is usually discarded after the seeds are taken out to make chocolate) to create a lightly fermented drink made with 50 percent juice from the cacao fruit, and natural sparkling spring water. Its clean source of energy comes from theobromine. Good for the gut and rich in B vitamins. Zero sugar. Available in Mint, Ginger, and Nada. drinkxoca.com 60 SPECIALTY FOOD SPECIALTYFOOD.COM

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