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Al's son Scott Scheid, president and CEO of Scheid Family Wines, explains that in the '70s, drinking wine by the varietal wasn't typical in American cul- ture, as it is now. "It was thought that Americans would start adopting more European customs, such as fashion and wine, and there were reports that there wouldn't be enough ground in all of California for the demand for vine- yards," he says. "It really took off much slower than it was thought to." Young Scott and his siblings were encouraged to learn the value of "hard work, making money, and staying out of trouble" by spending summers in the vineyards replacing end posts, working on trellises, tying vines, removing suck- ers and working on wire irrigation. As adults, Scott and sister Heidi, now executive vice president, ended up in finance. Brother Tyler is a geography expert and Scheid's project manager, and sister Emily holds winery events in Southern California. Scott recalls it took many seasons for "finally Americans to want to drink a little less beer and spirits and a little more wine." In the mid-'80s, with an increased demand for their grapes, Al Scheid asked Scott, "Do you want to be a stockbroker for the rest of your life?" "My dad said, 'I think this thing is turning around.' We are sort of a finance family that found our way into a wonderful industry," Scott says. But it wasn't until 1996 that all the partners in the original investment group were bought out, allowing Scheid to expand its own bottling operations. 132 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 8 (From left) Scott Scheid with brother Tyler, Scheid Family Wines project manager; sister Heidi, executive vice president; father Al, chairman; and Kurt Gollnick, COO. Tasting rooms are located in Carmel and at the winery in Greenfield. Scott Scheid is president and CEO of Scheid Family Wines, formerly known as Scheid Vineyards. Photos: Michaela Joy Photography

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