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Winter 2020

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TREND REPORT Protein Trend Takes Unexpected Turns: Anchovies and Noodles Consumers are aware of the importance of protein and continue to seek out interesting sources in their diets, whether under-the-radar varieties or new innovations. Anchovies, for example, are poised to take off, according to the panel. The New York Times also recently published a story on how the tiny fish is gaining ground as a sustainably caught, flavor- packed option, most notably on restaurant menus topping burgers or being used as an ingredient in butters, marinades, and even cookies. The trend could bode well for other small jarred or tinned fish like herring or sardines. Protein-packed noodles also are on the rise but are moving beyond the lentil- and legume-based varieties that have been on the market. Trendspotters anticipate more noodles made from seafood, or nutrient-packed noodles containing minerals and dietary fiber. 6 Still Trending CBD. Trendspotters see continuing growth in products across categories containing CBD, especially as the market gains a greater understanding of the incorporation of it and other functionals as ingredients. Dairy-free products. Dairy alternatives, oat and nut-based milks in particular, will continue to reign in yogurts, beverages, creamers, and frozen desserts. Fermented beverages. Refrigerated, ready-to-drink functional beverages have grown 55 percent in retail sales, according to SFA's State of the Specialty Food Industry research. Probiotic-friendly kombucha has led the charge, and more fermented functional beverages touting health, tradition, and flavor are on the horizon. Drinking vinegars, which are high in probiotics, amino acids, and antioxidants, will also continue to emerge. Regional cuisines of Asia, West Africa, and Latin America. This top trend of 2019 will continue in the new year as global flavors from lesser-known regions continue to pique mainstream interest. Look for flavors and ingredients from these areas to show up, especially in spices, sauces, and bases. 52 SPECIALTY FOOD SPECIALTYFOOD.COM

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