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O ver the past three months, I've seen three legendar y performers: Tommy Emmanuel, Vince Gill, and Jackson Browne. These spectacular concerts took place at Sunset Center in Carmel. In each case, the performer stated what an incredible place this area is and how privileged they were to be visiting here. For those of us living here, we sometimes take this slice of paradise for granted but it's nice to hear these seasoned world travelers validate the special qualities of the Monterey Bay Area. Last month, we were seated in the front row at the stellar Jackson Browne concert. My wife Kelli has been a huge fan of his since she was 10 years old and we were able to bring our youngest daughter, Allyn. At one point during the show, Browne took a minute to speak about his fondness for the area and specifically Carmel, Carmel Valley and Big Sur. Browne fell in love with the area the first time he came here 50 years ago, and he like so many others are still very attracted to this place we call home. There is such diversity among the residents of Monterey County and the opportunities and activities here. In the fol- lowing pages, you will get a glimpse of what makes this area so desirable and so unique. Our cover story, (page 106) references the great work that the Monterey County Film Commission does here and Hollywood's fondness for filming in the Monterey Bay area. It seems to be a win-win situation as it also brings a lot of money into our local economy. The HBO mini series, "Big Little Lies," starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern, began filming here in January and is planning to return in May. Executive Producer Gregg Fienberg says, "If I could produce a show that filmed here every day, I'd love it." More than 200 films have been shot here, going all the way back to 1897. Commercials are also a big part of what's being filmed here, as our scenic backdrop is something really special. Check out the feature (page 114) on dive boat and whale watching Captain Phil Sammet. The Bay is so alive with activity right now. Whales of various types are being seen in record numbers. Videos on social media sites and YouTube are incred- ible to watch. If you have ever wanted to see these amazing sea mammals up close, there has never been a better time. Thinking of a trip to Big Sur? Writer Tom Bentley provides some great recommendations on things to do while visiting. (See page 120.) The Fort Ord National Monument and Fort Ord Dunes State Park offer tremendous hiking and are yet undiscovered by so many locals. Our story (page 130) offers some great tips on exploring and hiking in these regions. Local photographer Robert Knight's latest trip to Antarctica is featured in this issue as well. His explorations into this remote land inspire him to capture some stunning images. (See page 168.) On a personal note, inspiration is something we all need. It is what motivates and keeps us going in the right direction. Lately, my mom has been a big inspiration to me. She had a stroke a few months ago and has lost the use of her left side. Her life has been drastically altered. No more walks down to the harbor for her. No more taking photographs of birds on the beach. Everything is hard and new for her. The impressive thing is that she is making progress by working very hard at improving through physical and occupational therapies. She is so determined and her will is so strong that a partial recovery is a reality. We are all so proud of you mom! This is a great time of year to experience the various parts of our region. Regardless of how long you've lived here or if you are a visitor, the opportunities are endless. Enjoy the springtime and summer in good health. 40 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 PUBLISHER'S NOTE S T E V E S N I D E R The Show Must Go On

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