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JUL-AUG 2012

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EDITOR'S LETTER The People Who Changed Everything T he specialty food trade is made up of individuals who do much more than create or advocate outstanding-quality products; it's always been an industry of influencers who change the way the public thinks about and consumes food. Nowhere is this more evident than in a special interactive exhibit you'll find on-site at this year's Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C., honoring the National Asso- ciation for the Specialty Food Trade's 60th anniversary. To mark the milestone, the exhibit, A Visual Feast, highlights notable people and events in specialty food over the past six de- cades. This walk through history recalls luminaries who changed the culinary landscape. They include: t +VMJB $IJME XIPTF HSPVOECSFBLJOH Mastering the Art of French Cooking became a culinary standard; t "MJDF 8BUFST BO FBSMZ QSPNPUFS PG PSHBOJD GPPET BOE B WJTJPOBSZ DIFG XIP IFMQFE JOUSPEVDF $BMJGPSOJB $VJTJOF UP the rest of the country; t %BO $BSUFS B QSPNPUFS BOE FEVDBUFS PG "NFSJDBO TQFDJBMUZ DIFFTFT XIP IFMQFE CSJOH BUUFOUJPO UP NBOZ PG UIF country's small farmstead and artisan creameries; t 4IFJMB -VLJOT BOE +VMFF 3PTTP XIPTF TFNJOBM The Silver Palate Cookbook emphasized simple, fresh ingredients and altered how an entire generation approached food and hospitality; t " HSPVQ PG NBOVGBDUVSFST JNQPSUFST BOE EJTUSJCVUPST JODMVEJOH 4UFQIFO -FFNBO 5IF .JOH 5FB $PSQPSBUJPO BOE -PVJT #BSUI -JCFSUZ *NQPSU $PSQ XIP HBUIFSFE JO .BOIBUUBO JO UP EJTDVTT UIF GPSNBUJPO PG BO BT- sociation to represent their interests and bring then-unknown specialty foods to buyers and consumers, laying the groundwork for today's NASFT. Specialty food businesses continue to follow these predecessors with groundbreaking efforts in such areas as philan- UISPQZ DPOTVNFS FEVDBUJPO BOE GBJSMZ USBEFE QSPEVDUT BOE ZPV DBO SFBE BCPVU NBOZ JO UIJT JTTVF 3FUBJMFST TVDI BT $BSSJF 'FSSFODF BOE +BDRVFMJOF (KVSHFWJDI GSPN 4UPDLCPY (SPDFST CSJOH GSFTI GPPE BDDFTT UP VOEFSTFSWFE DPNNVOJUJFT Q 5JN .D$PMMVN BOE #SFUU #FBDI GSPN .BEÏDBTTF DSFBUF DIPDPMBUF QSPEVDUT GSPN TUBSU UP GJOJTI JO .BEBHBTDBS B QSBDUJDF UIBU EFFQMZ CFOFGJUT UIF DPNNVOJUZ Q "OE DIFG +PTÏ "OESÏT VTFT IJT GBNF BOE DVMJOBSZ LOPXMFEHF UP TIPX IPX GPPE DBO OPU POMZ OPVSJTI QFPQMF CVU QSPWJEF UIFN XJUI B MJWFMJIPPE Q Our industry is full of individuals like these who are working to make a difference, whether on a local or global level. You have to wonder how many among them will take a place in a retrospective six decades from now, when those who come after us all in this trade reflect on how their vision and efforts ultimately changed everything … for the better. You can find a full breadth of the people, products and events that influenced specialty foods at A Visual Feast PO TJUF BU UIF 8BMUFS & 8BTIJOHUPO $POWFOUJPO $FOUFS +VOF o 5IF FYIJCJU XJMM BMTP CF BWBJMBCMF POMJOF BU specialtyfood.com/avisualfeast, along with an anniversary video and a timeline comprising photos, press clippings and FWFOUT GSPN /"4'5 T ZFBST #F TVSF UP DPNNFOU PO UIF UJNFMJOF XJUI ZPVS PXO SFGMFDUJPOT |SFM| #Z %FOJTF 1VSDFMM HAVE A COMMENT? Go to specialtyfood.com/dpurcell/peoplechanged Editor, Specialty Food Magazine dpurcell@nasft.org facebook.com/specialtyfoodmedia JULY/AUGUST 2012 1

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